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                                                                                                       About Nikolai

(birthday 13th ofMay 1983)
Nikolai Mironov (31)is from Vilnius. He is a littlebitdifferent, how he says – bandy. Since childhood, he suffers from cerebral paralysis. Up to four years old he was motionless and he was not welcomed by the medical predictions: he will neverspeak and walk. But Nikolai’s mother – Sveta - did not give up. Nikolai’s mother daily massaged his body. She played variety of games with Nikolai over the years and she made him to go and speak. Although the speech was incoherentandhis steps were fragile, as Nicholas said it was a great achievement.
“I am what I am” – Nikolai says it with smile and adds that sometimes it was difficult to understand what this disease was but he had a quick explanation:  “Is it difficult to shave a potato? And for me it is extremely difficult mission. I have to concentrate for that. If I shave potatoes, my family will probably remain fasting.”  His father left his mother and Nikolai when he was five years old. “Probably it was very difficult to him” – Nikolai says sadly. Furthermore in addition of cerebral paralysis boy was suffering from epileptic seizures. As Nikolai says, sport helped to escape from epileptic seizures. He adds that disability does not mean that you have to lock yourself at home.
The courage
“I want to communicate. Maybe sometimes people do not understand what I say because I speak unclear (vaguely). Especially when exited. But I do not want to be alone. I want to go to the cinema, to have a good friend and have fun.  I do not like a pity, but I cannot escape from it. Firstly everyone think that disabled person needs a pity. And what about me, I want to talk.”  - says Nikolai. As a child he attended a specialized checkers club where he was doing very well. In a teen age he was interested by computers. Nikolai says that excess of energy made him to find ways to eject from it. That is how he appeared in the gym and today he can boast of bodybuilding’s awards. “I have a whole collection of awards and I want to prove that being different person can have a dream. But of course If you sit and do nothing, so nothing will be. You have to be brave and try to do something.” – Nikolai say and add that when he started his exercise he got rid of epilepsy. That is true that first days at the gym werenot very pleasant. Everyone was looking at me and think: “What is he doing here, he is an invalid. There were and those who say that I cannot come to that sport club anymore, because I was disturbing others. That is how I understood that I have a dream.” – says Nikolai.
The dream
“ I want to open my own gym. Where everyone can do sport, those who do not have a lot of money, an those who have the same problem as mine. Why? Toeveryone whohasgoalsa desireto achieve results. Butit requiresinvestment, whichI do not have. Maybesomeone would wantto support my dream, "- Nikolai says it with a smile.
I experienced on myself what mean to prepare for competition. Nikolai admits that he might have a higher achievements but he do not have needed finances. “When I’m preparing for my competition, I do sports six times a week, the other time four times a week. I was very lucky, because I met a lot of good people who helped me to achieve goals in sports. Now I want to help others.” Nikolai says.
The goals
European cup in World Bodybuilding
(2008 – 1 place, 2009 - 2 place, 2010 - 2 place, 2011 – 3 place, 2012 –3place, 2018 – 1 place)
2010 Kauno openfitness - 2 palce
2010 XVII „Lithuanian cup open“ –1 place
2012 theopen Lietuvos NATIONAL championship – 2palce
2012 XIX WFF – WBBF Lietuvos taures pirmenybes – 1place
2012 „Wff-wbbf lithuanin cup open“ 1 place
2014 October 3, 26-th "Lithuania Cup Open", Kaunas, Lithuania 1place
2015 September 26 40-th Lithuania Cup Open International Kretinga Lithuania 2015 - 1place
2015 October 10 World AM Cup, Kaunas, Lithuania - 1 place


Racerunning. Bėgimas su triračiu. Lietuvos žmonių su fizine negalia lengvosios atletikos čempionatas 100m. 2019.09.21 - 3 place

Šiaulių lengvosios atletikos ir sveikatinumo centras 60m 2place 

Bench Press
2010 Lietuvos jėgos dvikovės čempionatas 1 place
2009 Vilniaus universiteto galiūno turnyras 1 place
„Reytano“ cup: 2009 –1 place, 2010 –1 place, 2011- palce, 2012 – 1 place
2013 galiūnų turnyras „Arnold“ –1 place
2014.12.06 "Invictum"stangos spaudimo varzybos –1 place

The assistance
According Nikolais disabilities such as his, without help is difficult to achievethe objectives in such a sport. “ I’m doing sports since seventeen. I dreamed to be like Zydrunas Savickas.” Smiling young man.  “Is it difficult? No. Does it hurt? No, but sometimes my body doesn’t listen me.” Nicholas said, adding that the society for me the stereotype that people with disabilities must close in four walls. However,after meeting Valdas Slimanavičius, professional trainer,Nicholas learned to ignore the angry speeches. Juzef Tomaševič, Eugene Gorelik, Gediminas Basevičius, Arthur Stonkus is only a small part of the people who helped Nicholas to achieve what he had achieved in sports. “Without them,it would be harder to achieve something in such a sport "- says Nicholas.
About Flyingin the clouds
"I like to communicate- and begin to talk about the music collection, accumulated over the years.Music –is the second pleasure after sports. Favorite groups:"The Doors", "Queen". I like listen to hard rock too. I like songs which have meaning, but I never divide music in good or bad. Nikolai becomes very serious when someone starts to talk about love. “Love- is very strange thing. I met one girl online, I never hided what I am. I can change nothing. Immediately I told which disabilities I have. She told: It doesn’t matter I like to communicate with you. I invited her for a date, and… that’s all. Maybe she didn’t expected that I’m such a “crooked” even though she knew everything from the beginning.Sometimes I thinkthat healthy peopleare flying aroundin the clouds. In reality, it's notall thatpink, as it seems”-says Nikolai. 

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